Artist Paints Beautiful Watercolour Native Fauna and Flora

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa based artist Georgina Taylor is the name behind these extremely detailed and colourful paintings. She works from actual plants and the symmetry and consistency of the pieces are incredibly flawless. Her work often features native fauna and flora, although not exclusively. “My preferred medium is watercolour. It captures my energy and signature and allows for the detail and translucency that I love. My technique is unconventional because I was never formally trained in watercolour. Instead, I studied to be a jeweller and was drawn back into illustration, a childhood obsession, once I graduated.” she says on her blog and also states that; “I’m often found foraging for interesting forms wherever I am. That may be old flowers from a bemused florist, something I picked up at a jumble sale or spotted in a local park or garden. Let’s say I have a penchant for the natural, antiquated and peculiar. Anything that could be easily overlooked, taken for granted or forgotten. Old botanical and biological illustrations also play a huge role in my work.” One piece takes her approximately 4 or 5 hours to paint and the result is always impressive. We really admire her skills and patience and think that she is a wonderful artist. You can buy the original or printed versions of her paintings or have some of them as tea-towels. Now, feast your eyes with Georgina’s amazing watercolor fauna and flora paintings.