12 New Home Decoration Ideas

It’s no fun living in a space that doesn’t have any character or life.  This is especially when your rooms or spaces don’t have any interesting decorative items, accented wall paint, colorful lighting, or even a throw pillow.  But if you want to change all that now, then this is just the article for you.

It obviously goes without saying that every homeowner has their own design preference and how they wish to decorate the interiors of their house.  But whether a space is big or small, we have carefully assembled a solid list of some of the finest new home decorating ideas that any homeowner can DIY.

Here are some of the finest ideas on how to decorate a new house.


Keep in mind that a lot of these ideas are easier to implement if you purchase a brand new home. If you’re in the market for a property in the Greater Toronto Area, check out Wedgewood from Ballymore Homes.

1.   Colorful Light Fixtures

One of the prettiest new home decoration ideas you can employ is colorful light fixtures. If your light fixtures are unattractive or outdated, then you can give it a whimsical makeover with a couple of pom fringe, round bulbs, and a few coats of paint.  By using strong colors overhead, it can really bring out a room’s eclectic vibe.

2.   Rainbow Mobile

If you wish to brighten up your bedroom and kitchen, then you can makeshift a colorful mobile out of recycled materials.  Just be sure to hang the mobile next to any window or opening that is a great source of bringing in natural light into your house for maximum effect.

3.   Opt for Large-Scale Art

There’s nothing better than an oversized photograph or painting that commands one’s attention and sets the tone in a small room.  For a minimalist room, we recommend a black and white picture.  But if you want to bring in more color, then a vibrant abstract photo will do the trick.

4.   Established a Comfortable Reading Spot

Lacking a suitable reading spot?  No worries.  In case there isn’t any leftover piece of furniture that serves as a cozy reading nook, then you can turn your formal living room to double as a comfortable lounge area.  If you follow the example of Heidi Cailier, you’ll get a good idea of what you’re in for.  What she did was carefully choose her furniture with shapes and fabrics that not only look homey but also sophisticated.  This is a great way to help one unwind or entertain themselves.

5.   Washi Tape Wall

There’s nothing more boring than staring at a bland white wall that is just….. empty.  If you want to make it livelier, then we suggest using washi tape.  This is a simple DIY whole room décor method that even young adolescents or teens can practice on their own.  All you have to do is line the washi tapes horizontally to give the wall a more textured look.

6.   Streamlined Shelves

If you’re no longer using those old books that you used during your schooling years, then you might as well just take them off your shelves and either sell them at a store that archives old books or give them away at your yard sale.  After all, there’s no point in storing something that will only collect dust and end up withering away with time.  You’ll be left with more space for storing items that have a more practical use or simply elevate the visual appeal of your room/space.

7.   Make a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a staple for new house decoration and are known for bringing color and personality into a living room.  You can go by displaying either a collection of photographs or art or bring in some wall hangings and other types of ephemera.  Go for cohesive, simple frames, or include a vast range of ornate variations to liven things up a bit.  Bonus tip: you can extend your gallery wall up to the ceiling to make it seem as if your room is bigger.

8.   Teacup Candles

Your living room will look much more regal with the inclusion of vintage teacup candles.  For this, you need to take some wax, melt it into the vintage cups, and then you have a couple of unique candles for your home office, bedroom, or living room.  You can either mix up the designs of the cups or choose matching teacups depending on what your style is.

9.   Go Bold with Black Paint

Soft black paint is known for bringing a sense of sophistication and intimacy in any space, especially this color from Farrow and Ball Railings.  And collective furniture lends itself nicely to the soft, peaceful darkness, giving in a homier and more lived-in vibe.

10.  Lush Leaves

Keeping house plants aren’t just for show as they also have a more practical use to them as well.  For example, spider plants are excellent for removing formaldehyde from the environment.  Aloe Vera serves as a natural remedy to soothe irritated skin.  Lavenders are not only known for emitting a pleasantly gentle aroma around a certain space but also provide stress-relieving mental benefits as well.

11. Add an Accent Wall

If you’re not into bland, minimalist walls, then you can give them more character by decorating them.  To make an accent wall, we suggest using either bold and bright paint colors, patterned wallpapers, or any other decorative paint methods that you can find online.  These accents will create the impression of making a small space look bigger.  And while you’re at it, you can also transform your ceiling as well.

12. Beaded Dreamcatcher

Whether you wish to prevent your child from having bad dreams or want to use it as a decorative item for your room, dreamcatchers are quite the niche piece of a decorative item.  And making one of your own is pretty simple, as long as you have some yarn, feathers, beads, and a round hoop.  For a great aesthetic appeal, neutral colors like brown or cream can certainly add color and brightness to a room.