Amazing Watercolor Food Paintings by Kseniia Yeromenko

Ukranian Kseniia Yeromenko studied fine art in art college and after gratuating she was accepted into Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts and studied graphic design. She tell her own story with these words; “Eventually, I realized that working with graphic design software was not my cup of tea and that I enjoyed creating art with my own hands.” In academy, she had an assignment to depict an object of her choice using nine different techniques and she decided to paint a few more cupcakes, doughnuts and cookies and started selling her paintings on Etsy. Then she fully concentrated on food paintings and added pizza, burgers, and fries to her collection. When we asked her about her technique and materials she prefers she replied; “Though I can work with oil, acrylic and gouache, different graphic mediums, I prefer using watercolors. Watercolor fascinate me with its vibrancy, transparency and spontaneity which allows to achieve various unique effects. I usually paint on hot pressed cotton watercolor paper. Its smooth surface is perfect for detailed works. I prefer squirrel and kolinsky brushes and sometimes use synthetic ones.” She gets inspired by everyday activities like cooking and grocery shopping. She says “Also there’s lots of inspiration on Instagram, I find so many beautiful high quality pictures of food there. I’m currently looking for an opportunity to make art for a restaurant or bakery and such. I think my paintings would be very suitable there. People often tell me that my artwork makes them hungry, and I am pleased to hear that!” Take a look at her impressive paintings and remember to follow her on Instagram for more!

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