Simple Ideas That Will Completely Transform Your Garden



If you want to take your garden from depressing to designer, but don’t know where to start, we have you covered. Check out these simple garden ideas that will transform your garden without having to break the bank.


Ideas for Your Backyard


  1. Create a potting station. If you’ve been trying to spruce up your yard with potted plants and have found yourself with a pile of pots and soil in the corner, why not try buying (or even better building) a potting station to hold your kit?


  1. 2. Build a fire pit. There’s nothing better than to make a garden feel like a relaxing spot to chill in than a firepit. They are also surprisingly easy to make yourself by using paving stones and creating a circle for a fire to burn in safety. Surround this with chairs, and you have the perfect place to socialize throughout the year.


  1. Add lighting. A simple way to make your backyard feel like a relaxing and inviting place to spend time with is lighting, which can be strung up around your fencing and are relatively cheap. Go for solar-powered lights with a warm bulb to give your backyard a magical feeling as the sunsets.


  1. Look for exciting new pots. Rather than using the same red plant pots, look for something with more character to plant your flowers. Anything, from old wheelbarrows to milk pales, can instantly give your backyard a unique personality.


  1. Take your chill to the next level by investing in a hammock. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than jumping in a hammock and reading a book.


  1. Build a path. To make your yard look more interesting, try building a path from the backdoor through to the rear exit. This can be done on a budget with wood chipping or gravel. One of the benefits of a professional gardeneris building a feature like this with ease, and saving you the time if you have a little to spend.


  1. Use bark or woodchips for a fresh new look. Rather than having bare soil in your plant beds, why not use other materials to create a more decorative look? This will make your flower beds more interesting to look at and add another dimension to your backyard.


  1. Invest in a trellis. Trellis can be used creatively to divide up space into different areas and can be used to hide anything that may not be as pleasing to the eye. They are also great to add behind climbing plants to encourage them to grow up and cover your yard with foliage.


  1. Use mirrors. This is a simple addition that can completely change your garden’s look and create the illusion of more space and light. An attractive mirror will also act as a standout decorative piece and make your yard look that much more special.