Photographer Shows How Gentle Big Dogs are Towards Their Little Humans

You may think that leaving your infant child or a toddler to play with a huge dog is dangerous, but these heartwarming photos will definitely prove you wrong. Andy Seliverstoff is a photographer who wanted to show how gentle and kind big dogs can be towards toddlers and little children. Therefore, he decided to create a book called ‘Little Kids and Their Big Dogs’ that contains 100 beautiful photos of children playing with enormous but loving dogs. We all know dogs love their humans, but this remarkable series of photographs show how extremely gentle and affectionate they are towards the little ones. If you like Andy’s work, make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

He’s guarding his little lady.

Best buddies.

A faithful companion!

Watching the sunset.

He likes to pose for his adorable photographer.

The unconditional love.

They’re ready for an adventure.

“No one is gonna hurt you while I’m around!”

These two are adorable.

via (dailymail)

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