Dreamy Tattoos by Korean Surrealist Masa

Masa the fascinating tattoo artist from South Korea disobeys to follow the unwritten rules of micro tattooing. Micro tattoos tend to have less detail and thin linework which certainly is not the case with Masa’s ingenious work. From his surrealistic driven mind, he pulls out the most astonishing visions and inks them down to a lucky customer’s skin. His work is always followed by meticulous designs full of dainty details. With everything mentioned Masa still succeeds in creating minimalistic and subtle masterpieces that just cannot be ignored by anyone. The woman shooting a flower out of a bow right arm through the man’s  heart who’s standing on the left arm is just an example of brilliance that is to be expected from Masa. You can follow him on his Instagram page and enjoy more of his stunning picturesque work.

Absolutely ingenious!

Best friend for star gazing.

Masa disobeys unwritten rules of micro tattooing to create truly unique tattoo art pieces.

Instead of thin lines and less detail as usual in minimalistic tattoos…

He often uses thicker lines and works hard on adding meticulously more features.

Masa’s surrealistic vision perfectly incorporated with his meticulous work and talent.

Magic potion


Incredible technique.

Surrealistic with deeper meaning.

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