Fantasy Cat in Fantasy Worlds

“I am a cat from Moscow. I love to dream and fantasize,” are Kuzya’s first words to the public. He’s really good at Quidditch, paragliding, astronaut stuff and farming. Kuzya loves to fantasy so much he takes exclusive fantasy photo shoots for his Instagram fans. In his free time since he is really busy being a cat and such he loves to take a nap in his real life 2D hammock. Then he falls asleep and embarks on an endless cute and hilarious adventures where he’s always a protagonist; talking about big ego. In his fantasies he loves to love, so he pretends he’s a Cupid. Silliness doesn’t stop there. He also drives his car – catmobile – and goes picking apples and mushrooms. Sometimes he thinks he’s a little mermaid, which is little more than just identity alarming. Either way, Kuzya is a wonderful cat with an incredibly funny and brilliant owner.

Everyday mushroom picking

What? I’m driving my Catmobile.

The Little Mercat

Just playin’ Quidditch


Damn you clock! I am a cat and my naps are longer!

Adrenaline junky

Water? pf

Git off my farm! I want you to git!

Happy Holidays


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