Marvelous Fairy Tale Portraits with Redheads and Fox by Alexandra Bochkareva

This clever as a fox foxy lady has a fox for a friend. Alexandra Bochkareva is a self-taught photographic gem from the St. Petersburg who’s fascinated by redheads. She’s a photographer who adores working with freckled models, but now she went one step further and she introduced a trained fox named Alice to her portrait models. In autumn she takes “spontaneous” portraits of Alice with her redheaded model Olga and in winter Alice partners up with another freckled beauty named Polly. Bochkareva started her career in 2012. Earlier that year she gave birth and felt strong winds of change coming her way. Reenergized she started her career learning mostly from the books and experimenting using her friends and family as models. Now she uses her manual helios 77m-4 lens under only natural lighting to create those stunning fairy tale like photographs. If you like what you see below you can feast your eyes with more of her fiery joy by checking her Instagram profile.


Nice to meet you fellow redhead.


This fox really knows her stuff – top notch modeling!


Winter is here and so is Alice the protector.


Fiery friends.


The beauty of autumn.


The fairy tale kiss.


That satisfied smile is gold!

via (mymodernmet)

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