Giant, Warm and Cozy Knit Blankets Made Without Knitting Needles

Every year winter comes with its cold and breezy magic. And every year we think of something new to get us warm. Now with this new brilliant product called Braid, we can knit ourselves whatever we want using only our hands without any knitting needles necessary. Braid comes packed relatively small but can be unfolded into a giant yet light, warm and soft blanket of your design. After you craft it yourself you will fall in love even more with Braid. You can create huge blankets, silly clothes, pet beds or anything you can think of. It is very durable and machine washable. Constructed by lead designer Anna Marinenko who wanted to make Braid simple to use and suitable for those with allergies. Made out of a seamless cotton tube with a pillow-style filling. Stands are extremely flexible which makes Braid easy and fun to transformed into your likings. A year in development has passed and now Anna Marinenko through her Etsy shop called “Ohhio”, is launching a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of bringing Braid alive.

Braid unraveling into a new blanket.


Cats are true recognizers of coziness.


Smart. You can wear it or even use it as a bath rug.


Enhance your tv time coziness.


Fast and easy creation of a pet bed.


Braid comes without a cat.


Braid Heaven. Endless hand knitting.


Different sizes of Braid.


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