Little Doggie Rides His Giant Saint Bernard Friend Everywhere He Goes

Too young to be alone, tiny Japanese chin named Lulu recognized a friendly fatherly figure in his enormous pal Blizzard. As owner David Mazzarella says, Lulu feels most comfortable riding on Blizzards back. Whenever Blizzard stood up Lulu would become grumpy jumpy little fluff, only wishing to get up on his back. Huge Saint Bernard can barely notice any weight on him since Lulu is so elegantly fit little Japanese chin. But even so, Lulu is the boss in this relationship. And today little fella takes all his walks only on his friends back. They do everything together. Like Sherlock and Watson, or Batman and Robin. Lulu is a Batman obviously. Mazzarella says: “Blizzard is the most laid back dog, he is tolerant of everything with no mean bone in his body. Never once has he growled at me and I can take a chicken bone out of his mouth with my mouth… Whereas Lulu is just the opposite, she always gets her way with Blizzard.’’ All of the adventures of this dynamic duo (even though Lulu just sits there…) can be followed through their Instagram profile.

Just riding my St. Bernard through the magical forest.


And you thought Lulu was Lazy.  Shame on you.


Blizzard’s walking too close to the cliff for Lulu’s taste.


They’re even goalkeeping as one.


Almost perfect camouflage.


Lulu with her hood on.

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Blizzard took Lulu to the endless yellow trumpet land.

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