Dream-like Newborn Photography by Lauren Hodges

Maternity and giving birth is one of the precious periods you experience in a life time. Finding the best photographer to capture those moments of your life who can share and reflect the excitement of those days in the photos is one of the hardest decisions. Being awaring of this, we keep sharing the newborn and family photographers just to help and inspire you. Lauren Hodges is one of those creatives whose portfolio we fall in love with for the first sight. She has a true gift at capturing births and such an adorable Instagram feed that will give you loads of inspiration even if you can’t get the chance to work with her for your own family album. She says “Spontaneity stirs my soul. True feeling happens when its not planned. I believe joy is infectious, we have power to change the world for even just one person with a simple smile. I love being a photographer because I am constantly meeting new people. A persons circle can never be too big!” She also states, “Being a birth photographer gives me a platform. A platform to empower, and encourage women to have the birth they want, to educate them, to show them how strong their bodies are, and how beautiful birth is. I want to thank every single one of my clients who have trusted me in their sacred birth space, and left it to me to document this momentous day. I also want to thank the mama’s who have allowed me to share their images, and tell their stories. You are making a difference. Today though, I would like to share my story.” Below, you’ll find some of her adorable photos with comments of her clients. Enjoy!

“Capturing births is a hard and exhausting task and she does a beautiful job at capturing raw emotions and moments. You will not be disappointed!”

“Lauren is able to capture the heart and beauty of all her subjects. Her bubbly and kind spirit makes her photo shoots creative, entertaining and fun!”

“Lauren definetely exceeded my expectations! Our pictures are literally perfect! Thank you so much for capturing our little family with so many pictures we will cherish forever!”

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