Dancers Captured Beautifully by Alessandro Marinho

Rio de Janeiro based photographer Alessandro Marinho has been into photography for 4 years and specialised in portraits for two years. He generously pours his creativity to generate exquisite images generally with female models and dancers. Alessandro states in his bio that “I am fascinated by the art of photography and the beauty of the human being, every time I lift the camera, I aim to learn, conquer and capture unique images, eternalizing every true moment of emotion, happiness, love and beauty before the perfect light.” He also adds “The essence of the human being, in all its simplicity, beauty and naturalness, is what motivates me to permeate the world of portraits, a world full of charms, by the way.” He captures his dancing beauties in various settings like urban landscapes, on the streets or in nature. He explains his impressive compositions with these words; “Whether in the peace of nature, in the chaos of the city, or in the comfort of an apartment, I seek to reveal the unique and timeless nuances of each in portraits that cherish the beauty of compositions designed to embrace the portrayed one, without necessarily need large productions. The minimum is enough for people to see and recognize each other in moments of delicacy, sensitivity and intensity.” If you are also into photography or just like exploring talented lenses, you’ll surely enjoy Alessandro’s exceptional feed. Here we showcase some of his brilliant photos.


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