Artist Paints Incredibly Cute Illustrations for Children

Graduated from the art-graphic faculty of the Khabarovsk Pedagogical University, talented artist Evgeniya Solovyova paints a watercolor smile for herself and others everyday. As she is professionally a teacher of drawing and art, she used to work with children and that was the starting point of painting these cute illustrations. She says “Without limiting themselves to anything, children enthusiastically try everything new. Watching the children, I again allowed myself to fantasize and create as it happens in childhood. Watercolor illustration fascinated me!” And when asked wh she prefers watercolour, she replies; “When I was a student, I didn’t like watercolor. I liked oil more. I tore off all the palette knife. But watercolor? Thin, gentle and there are no palette knives … The result seemed unattainable, and did not really like the academic approach. But once I saw watercolor still life with flowers of one Khabarovsk artist… Bright, iridescent, unusual … and the first thought, could it be so? Why is a cautious attitude to watercolor? Why are many afraid of it?” Colorful and imaginative, her illustrations take you back to your childhood, those lovely and peaceful days… It is like turning the pages of a children’s bed-time book. You will definitely love her illustrations and want to share them with your friends. Now enjoy our selection of her lovely artwork.

“It was supposed to be a candy snail, but I’m not sure that the candy was a success.”

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