Beautiful Travel Landscape Photography by Mo Habib

‘Always Out Exploring Our Beautiful Planet,’ quote that Mo Habib left on his Instagram profile. Extremely gifted amateur photographer, retoucher, and a drone pilot, Mo Habib showcases his talent through his top class landscape photographs. His sole focus is on traveling and photographing landscapes and lifestyle Kodak moments. Mo Habib comes from Oklahoma, USA but his love for the planet Earth gets him far from home to the most beautiful places on the planet. A supporter of Earth Day, lover of turtles and super talent for photography this young artist has an exceptional feel for beauty and landscape composition. With barely 8 thousand of Instagram followers it’s clear how new to the scene Mo Habib really is. The top quality of his work and his passion alone will without a doubt get him to the top of the world and the top of the landscape photography chain. Support this upcoming star by following his Instagram page and enjoy the Earth in its most glorious form.

Extremely gifted amateur photographer – Mo Habib

Photographer, retoucher, and a drone pilot

Artist adores traveling and beautiful mother Earth

Artist comes from Oklahoma, USA

Big supporter of Earth Day

Watch your step!

Artist loves beautiful green hues that can only come from majestic flora

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