Create a Photography Blog: 5 Simple Tips to Get You Started

There has never been a better time than right now for sharing your passion for photography with other photography enthusiasts. Thanks to so many tools at your disposal, it is easy to establish a photography blog today. The ease of creating an online presence nowadays can simply be defined as selecting a domain name, buying hosting, finding photography website templates to use, and beginning to upload pictures.

The purpose of this article is to help you get started with your photography website with 5 basic and simple tips.

Choosing a Theme

The first step in creating your photography blog is to determine what kind of website you should develop. The right website design is the key to an effective and successful site. It is imperative that you implement or develop a theme that represents your photography best. Your blog should be based on one primary source, your passion.

To begin building your photography blog, you will need to determine the type of blog you want to create. Websites for photography can be divided into two main categories: blogs and portfolio websites. The goal of a blog is to provide content for consumers, while the aim of a portfolio is to provide content for clients. Both types of websites have their own specific needs and requirements — so make sure to do your research first!

Those who are already photographers but want to launch a photography blog to showcase their work will want to create a blog with a portfolio so that some potential clients can see their previous work. If you want to become a photographer, then start a blog where you discuss the various techniques that you use when you are out in nature. Your primary goal should be building an interactive community around your photography blog.

Make Sure Your Blog is Easy to look at

If you create a blog, it is essential you make it easy for your readers to use and read. The functioning of a blog depends on many components. The title, author name, subject, image caption and perhaps navigation are the basic elements of a blog. Nonetheless, effective the call to action(CTAs) should also be present. You have to make sure that the blog that you are creating is not overstuffed and is clutter free.

There are many way you can use your website, and it shouldn’t just be devoted to photography. Creating engaging content about your favorite picture is also great, if you’re a serious photographer. You should always have an agenda when writing blog posts for your photography website. Are you targeting a particular group of people? You have to remember the important features of your site that could make your audience engage with your content. Moreover, selling yourself is as much a part of creating a blog as selling your image.

Generate Simple but Quality Content

 The content on your Photography blog should be of high quality and your readers should enjoy looking at your photos. On your blog, you should not post amateur content. You should have at least three years of photos in your photography blog if you have little experience in photography. While taking pictures with your phone, you should make sure that the subject of your photo is centered and aligned correctly. Be sure to adjust the camera settings so there are no shadows on the photo’s subject. Shadows will lessen the clarity of the image.

Utilize all the tools available on social media platforms when taking photos for social media posts. There are features available on those sites that will allow you to enhance your photos before uploading them. You should always strive to create a blog that will be easy to understand for your readers by keeping your content simple. Writing a complicated article on a complicated topic will only waste your readers’ time.

Connect With Other Bloggers

Finding other photographers and creating a network is one of the most important steps in starting a photography website. Being the product of web culture that has grown around the Internet, connecting with other photographers in the niche is a no brainer. By connecting with other photographers you will gain a deep knowledge of the things you want to create, including your blog’s tone and focus. Our social media feeds are filled with pictures that are spectacular in one aspect, or interesting in another aspect, or just plain cool! So, not only do you learn about other photographers, but you also can share your enthusiasm for your own photography. One thing that I have found especially helpful is to look at other bloggers who create strong, thought-provoking and powerful content that people are engaged with.

Develop a Social Media Strategy

 Last important thing that you need to do is to develop a social media strategy. This is very important as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc. all have a huge audience, who are waiting for some great content. Not only do you want to share your skills with others, but you should also find some regular ways to interact with these people. Be social: always keep in mind to be actively social in social media. Try to interact with other photographers in social media and always be very careful of what you post, as people in the real world can easily mistake your feelings and assume you want to cheat on your spouse (Pun intended!). Be very careful when it comes to expressing your feelings in social media, as people can be quick to judge you.

I hope the five tips above are able to help you better to start your photography journey. Please let us know if we have been able to help you by leaving a comment below.