Do Photographers Need a Website in 2021?

Have you reached the stage in your photography career where you want to showcase your work at a more advanced level rather than simply uploading your photos to Flickr or Facebook? If so, you may be wondering if you need a website going forward. The truth is, a website is a key tool for photographers, serving as the bedrock of all your marketing endeavours. Here’s why showcasing your work via a website is so important in 2021.

A photography website makes you look professional

Tumblr, 500px and Flickr are great platforms for sharing your photos, as well as connecting with other photographers. However, having your own website makes you look so much more professional. Even a basic website with a photo gallery can be an effective way to showcase your work and promote yourself.

Keep in mind that a poorly designed or slow site will have the opposite effect. Therefore, it’s well worth investing in professional professional web design if you really want to be taken seriously and gain credibility.

Your website is your online home that you own and control

Whilst you may be able to get by, and in some cases even thrive, with only a social media presence, it’s risky. If photography is your full-time job and you want to make a good living out of it, then it’s very unwise to rely on platforms that you don’t own or control.

Quite simply, you have no control over your online future, particularly as any of these platforms could close down your account whenever they choose. You may find yourself suddenly unable to reach your audience, and this can spell disaster. When you have your own site, you control it, giving you the power to showcase your work on your own terms.

No-one else is competing for attention on your site

The trouble with social media like Facebook and Instagram is that there are many other people competing for attention. So, when someone lands on your page, there’s bound to be many other posts that they can be distracted by. With so much content to view and read, they don’t have enough time to really find out what you’re all about.

Conversely, when people visit your website, there’s no-one else competing for the attention. This means that if you’re clever, you can keep them there, and potentially even encourage them to purchase your work, if that’s your aim. This is YOUR space and their focus is solely on you whilst they’re on your site.

Your website helps you build an email list

Email remains of the top ways to showcase your photography in 2021. So, rather than focusing solely on getting more social media followers, it’s worth paying some attention to gaining email subscribers. A website can help you to do this, building your email list gradually. An email list lets you keep in touch with people who are interested in your work.

Don’t underestimate the importance of photography websites in 2021. Whilst social media continues to play a vital role in how photographers showcase their work, a website can be a powerful tool for building your career into the future. A well-designed website can give you the credibility and prominence you need to succeed in the photography world.