How the Pandemic Has Caused a Boom in Cosmetic Surgery

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have had a knock on effect in many aspects of life in recent times. One of the most interesting developments to arise from COVID-19 has been the plastic surgery boom with many people going under the knife during the pandemic. So, why have so many people been turning to plastic surgery? Keep reading for all that you need to know.

Zoom Boom

Interestingly, it is though that the amount of time spend on video calls is one of the driving factors for this trend. With people conducting a huge amount of business and personal meetings through video calls, it means that people have been spending a lot more time than usual looking at their own face. It can be very hard not to look at yourself while on a video call and, for many, this has made them feel self conscious and preoccupied with their own appearance – this has even led to a name for this – “Zoom boom”.

Distorted View of Reality

Additionally, people have been spending more time than usual watching TV and film and interacting less with people in real life. People are also spending more time on social media, which is not an accurate representation of real life and many people use filters to enhance their looks on these platforms. This can all create a distorted idea of reality and make people feel even more self conscious.

Life Improvements

Not only this, but the pandemic and lockdowns have given people greater time to think about their life in general and find ways to be happier. For many people, this involves improving their physical appearance and cosmetic surgery can be a quick, easy and effective way to change things about yourself. This includes things that can be hard to change through other methods, such as losing weight or bulking up.

Common Procedures

There are all kinds of different procedures that people have been getting during the pandemic, including weight loss surgery, breast augmentation and facelifts. Nose surgery has been perhaps the most common, which is no surprise when people have been looking at their own face a lot more than usual during COVID and can be a feature that people feel self-conscious about.

It is interesting to see how the pandemic has led to a sharp rise in cosmic surgery all over the globe. It is thought that spending so much time on video calls and looking at your own face is one of the main reasons for this along with a few other factors that are leading people to change their appearance.