Cool Animals Posing for the Hottest Album Covers

One of the main reasons we love animals so much is the fact that they sometimes remind us of ourselves. Animals are absolutely hilarious when they’re doing something stupid and ill-advised when they think no one is watching. Just like humans, right? However, posing for photographs is definitely one of the best moments where we can see the resemblance between us and them. So, without further ado, here are some of the funniest photos of animals who look like they’re going to drop the hottest album of the year.

This guy has swag!

Source: aspenthemountainpup

This looks like the best Indie Rock album ever.

Source: 88kncorbett
Source: unknown

Tough guys!

Source: rob.macinnis

This guy looks like a rapper.

Source: reddit
Source: unknown

Hip Hop album of the year!

Source: yoremahm
Source: imgur

Don’t mess with these gangsters!

Source: raask


Source: BookerDeWittsCarbine
Source: imgur

The hottest album cover of the year goes to these bad boys!

Source: imgur

This album is called Wild Horses.

Source: aurelm

The best boy band out there.

Source: unknown

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