Effortlessly Sophisticated Bridal Dresses by Grace Loves Lace

The brand Grace Loves Lace was founded in 2010 by Megan Ziems. She was disillusioned with the structured, traditional wedding “uniform” that dominated the market and she set out to change the industry. She believed that quality shouldn’t be dictated by a price tag, that a woman shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and that brides of today deserved better than average. Since then, the team created a whole new perspective to bridal dressing and have been designing gowns they want to wear. “Our handmade gowns are all about effortless luxury, quality and style. We design for the women whose passion burns bright like a flame; the women who love fearlessly with all of their hearts. We design gowns that have soul, originality and authenticity.” they explain on their blog. Ziems states; “The essence of what we do is what our mission was from the beginning – to design wedding gowns that women want. The common thread that women of all different cultures, shapes and sizes share is that we want to feel beautiful. Style helps us define ourselves on a daily basis and your wedding day should be no different. My background in the fashion industry gave me insight into just how stale the bridal offering was when I was searching for my own gown in 2010. I wasn’t satisfied with the wedding uniform. I wanted more. I couldn’t do a gown with a corset, boning, structure or restriction, it just wasn’t for me. I needed a gown that was authentically me. A gown that had personality, that told MY story and was designed with passion, movement and luxury in mind.” Believing in what you do always brings success and happiness for your target group and Megan Ziems is one of the best examples for this in bridal dress world. Effortlessly sophisticated, captivating, down to earth, sexy and authentic are the words to define their bridal dresses and each is made to fulfill a bride’s dream. Here you can see some of their amazing dresses.