Creative Pastry Chef Makes Simple Yet Elegant Cakes and Desserts

“Cakes and desserts have gradually become my bread of life, and creating desserts makes me feel fulfilled.” states Milan, Italy based pastry chef Luca Perego on his website. His story began in 2009, when he I started attending the high school of pastry for a duration of three years. Then he found a job in a catering company, which mainly organizes wedding receptions and banquets for corporate events. Being a son of a baker father, he soon became successfull in pastry world, as he explains; “The fascinating world of catering has made my passion for the art of pastry grow immeasurably in me, allowing me to improve and learn everything I have learned up to now.” One day, he decided to photograph and post his creations on Instagram and he became more and more passionate, lovingly taking care of every detail in the kitchen as well as in every single shot since then. “My desire to do has grown together with the affection shown me by all those people who follow me and appreciate me; day by day I have seen them grow, become more and more, and even today I do not understand how many people express their approval to me.” he says, adding that; “Social media have become for me a fundamental means of communication to express myself; through Instagram, Facebook, and now also through this blog, I want to share this magical world that has allowed me to dream and make people dream.” He thinks he has already gone too far, but a whole life and such a great passion are not easy to explain in a few lines. His feed reflects an elegant simplicity which gently satisfies your aesthetic side and “tasting with your eyes has never been so sweet!”.