Beautiful Bridal Bouquets and Flower Arrangements by Dorset Florist

Lauren is the name behind all these charming flower arrangments and she is currently based in Dorset, England. She started floristry at the age of 17, she was lost, didn’t know what to do and wanted to give it a go as she loved flowers. “My parents gifted me my first pair of scissors and off I marched to commence my apprenticeship. From that very first handtied bouquet on the first day of college I was hooked. I’ve been all around the world with my floristry trained with floral masters and won medals.But the most important thing of all I learned with my bare hands right here at home.” she tells on her blog. At just 22 years old she opened her own business, working from her parents shed and things have grown from there. She tells the rest of her story as follows; “I work every hour available, my back is broke, my skin shredded and behind the bouquet theres a whole less glamorous side! But every day I get to do what I love – work on wonderful weddings, creating an abundance of beauty – it’s blooming brilliant and I wouldn’t change a thing.” She thinks there is nothing as healing and as heart-opening as working with flowers and designing concepts that wow her clients. “15 years later and I have the same passion, same practicality and slightly sharper scissors.” Lauren says. Her signature style is heavy floral which means an abundance of blooms. She works with layers of flowers and foliage, so that you get all of the goodness with a content-rich variety that has been personally selected for your style. She is meticulous about making flowers the very finest they can be and giving value and beauty. Basically, expect stunning bouquets and floral displays full of sweet scented, personally selected stems. That’s what she is known for. She believes that a bouquet has to be 360 degrees of fabulous, not just styled perfectly for that top shot. Her bouquets, hair pieces and all arrangements are unique designs and reflects her outstanding artistic eye. Just scroll down and see her work by yourself!

“Flowers have always been in my life, no matter what, they are the ever-changing constant that quite literally add colour to my world.”

“Nothing is as good for the soul as having your hands in the soil.”

“I’m always looking to grow, evolve, change and adapt, much like the flowers themselves…”

“…not following the trends or trying to imitate a Pinterest picture so much as creating a piece of art for your wedding that is inspired by your romance and that doesn’t date.”

“I don’t just want to create a posy that makes for a perfect picture, I want it to have the wow factor in real life so that it looks awesome from every angle.”