Adorable Labrador Calms Down Its Stressed Out Owner on Her Wedding Day

It is well known that dogs have a calming effect on some people, so some of them are trained to be “therapy dogs”. Their main goal is to notice when a person is stressed and then attempt to calm the person down. Something like that happened on a Valerie and Andrew Parrot’s wedding day. The bride was extremely nervous and stressed out, and their trained therapy dog Bella noticed that right before the ceremony. The adorable labrador immediately distracted the bride from all the stress and calmed her down. The couple got married and Bella had the chance to walk the aisle with the happy couple. The newlyweds have 2 dogs, so the other one was a bit jealous, so they had to include him in the photo shoot as well. Dogs are one of the most wonderful creatures ever to walk this Earth and this story is just one of the many that proves that statement.

Loyalty and unconditional love.


“Play with me and forget about the stress!”


Bella is the star of the show.


“Wait, don’t get married without me!”


They didn’t forget about there little one.

via (boredpanda)
via (boredpanda)

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