Black and White Female Portraits by Markus Hoppe

German lens Markus Hoppe is based in Essen (NRW) and focuses on fashion and art photography. He has a deep passion for taking portraits. “The charm for me is the emotions and stories that can tell us faces for a minimal moment, and I want to capture those special moments.” he says on his blog. He mostly prefers to shoot in the Ruhr area, but he also likes other popular places of Germany as background for her beautiful models. He always looks for the best point with the natural light and captures his compositions perfectly. For Markus, the digital post-processing is as important as taking the raw photo. He enjoys playing with the photos he has taken and adding some final touches to make it even more impressive. Seems black and white portraits are his favourite like many other lenses and he is very good at it. We compiled some of his best black and white female portraits for you. Scroll down and see them for yourself.


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