4 easy Designs that Hide Your Home’s Eyesores


Tangled chords, gym shoes, and pet foods are common everyday household eyesores. They are irritating and make your home look disorganized and unattractive. If you’ve had enough of this, it’s time to make a change and get that picture-perfect home you always admire in your favorite magazine. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune to do it. These easy designs will do just that with ease and leave you with neat, functional spaces.

  1. Hide your cords

This is probably the most irritating eyesore of them all. Hiding all the knots of wires and cables in your home may not be easy, but it can be done. TV cords are the worst offenders. You can hide them behind a fancy pallet accent wall with a beautiful storage bench underneath. If you don’t fancy pallets, use cute storage boxes for your router and chords, placing the boxes on top of a storage bench. You can mount the TV on the wall and hide the cords with a stack of books placed on top of a storage unit just underneath the TV.

  1. Say goodbye to ugly ACs

Your home cannot function without an AC, but where interior décor is a concern, they are a protruding eyesore you’d rather do without. Worse if they are the older generation that hikes your utility bills. Start by switching your old AC with the more efficient ductless mini-splits. You get better heating and cooling in your home minus the ducts, and even get to control your home’s different zones. As if that’s not enough, they are small in structure and are installed near the ceiling where they are out of your sight. You won’t even notice they are there. You can easily hide the outdoor unit they are connected to by building a birdhouse, planting flowers, or having an AC seat built-in.

  1. Create pet items that match your décor

Pet crates are boring to look at. Nothing is exciting about them, except your cute furry friend. You can add some color and texture to your pet’s crates by installing pumper pads that match the room’s décor. Are you tired of tripping over their food bowls? Or your little one eating your pet’s food? Create draws for their food bowls and lock them up when your pet has had enough. Alternatively, have built-in containers in the kitchen island to keep crumps and water dribbles at a minimum.

  1. Install stairs drawers

Umbrellas and shoes are a nuisance when you have nowhere to hide them. Stairs drawers are the perfect place for this useful but eyesore items. If you have kids, you will have extra space to store their toys and everything else they leave lying around. If you are not comfortable building storage under each stair, you can do a multi-storage unit commonly known as under-the-stairs storage, installed mostly in tiny houses.

Home eyesores are a nuisance and a little embarrassing. These easy designs will help you tack them away and keep your home neat. The designs are easy enough for a DIY project and functional enough to make your life easier.

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