Alchemist’s Valley – Medium Sized Black And White Tattoos

Maria Fernandez is one of the most passionate tattoo artists you’ll see. She knows exactly what she wants and what delivers best and relishes the process of creating unique and personalized pieces of art. After studying Fine Arts in Madrid and Granada she moved to Hamburg to finish her master’s degree. It was the place where she was first introduced to the magical world of the tattoos. She was immediately fascinated by the rituals, beauty, strength and the meaning every tattoo work have within. In 2017 she decided to start a new adventure and she opened a studio of her own with her partner Thomas, a studio named the Alchemist’s Valley. This is the place now where she does her natural inspired masterpieces forged from experience, love and good energy directed towards the tattooing act from start to the end.

Maria’s a dotwork and linework specialist

She doesn’t work in color

Prefers tattoos on arms and legs

Avoids tattoos on side, ribs, and stomach

Uses animals, portraits, landscapes, and flowers as main motifs

Symmetries and geometries are often present in her work

She loves doing illustrative style

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