Artist Uses Flowers for Paintings

Bridget Beth Collins is one of the most popular floral artists in the world today. She is a nature lover who collects flowers and everything that draws inspirations for her unique art. As she stated on her Instagram, she is a Botanical artist, painter, writer, nature lover, and light seeker from Seattle.  While taking walks with her children, she finds beauty in the world everywhere she looks, and that’s when she usually collects all those alluring nature materials for her paintings. She uses various flowers and other interesting and appealing nature objects and combines them into cheerful and ravishing art that she now sells on Prints. Mandalas, seasonal collages, butterflies, fairies, animals and fictional characters are her usual painting themes. You can adorn your home walls with her wonderful work or follow her on her very successful Instagram page.

Lovely watering can. Brilliant.



Autumn wisdome


Baby on the way

Beautiful decoration

For jolly Holidays

Flower aquarium


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