Awesome Floral Tattoos by Melissa Contreras

Tattoo artist Melisa Contreras has a unique eye for designing and inking tattoos on skin. She is currently working in Venice, CA at Black Diamond Tattoo. We came across her brilliant floral designs on Instagram each of which is inked delicately on different parts of the body. “I do an illustrative style of tattooing with my own personalized twist. I prefer an organic quality, which means it’s not supposed to look perfect or computer generated. I’m grateful to be in a busy shop where I get to do a lot of walk-ins and practice a variety of different styles.” she explains in one of her interviews. She also adds “It’s important to me to strike a balance between applying my knowledge and meeting my client’s needs. I give them what they want while at the same time maintaining my integrity and allowing my creative channels to remain open. I want my clients to have a positive experience. I want to share my gifts with the world and to have a positive impact. My work is positive, fierce, powerful and a reminder that strength is personal.” Coffee plant branch, olive tree branch and all type of flowers become a piece of art in her talented hands and showcased permanently on your body. If you are stated around, you can plan and ask for appointment from her and let her tailor your own tattoo as you wish. Here we present some of her best tattoo designs for you.

Melissa’s mission is to inspire you to live a joyful life filled with beauty, love and imagination.

“It’s always an honor when someone requests my flash.”

“I enjoy doing black work with illustrative lines and anything a bit dark with a splash of beauty.”

“Hands, animals and flowers always seem to find their way into my designs.”

“It’s more about the balance and experience for my client.”

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