A Job for Students: How to Become a Photographer

Probably every student knows that the best business is the one bringing not only money but moral satisfaction as well. If you like photography and think it is your hobby, why shouldn’t you turn it into a stable income source? How to become a professional photographer and start earning money? Let’s try to find out the answer in the short article below.

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How Do You Become a Photographer?

What to start with? If you decided that you want to become a professional photographer, keep in mind that reaching the goal will take you more than one year.

First of all, learn how to use a photo camera and other tech gadgets. One can learn from experienced professionals organizing paid courses and giving out appropriate certificates after clients finish them. Additionally, it is also possible to find video guides online. But still, practicing with a specialist is the very best option.

Now, we’ll skip the stage of studying and the first experience with budget hardware like cheap cameras and shareware photo editors. How to become a good photographer after you decided to start earning money by taking pictures?

How to Become a Famous Photographer?

At first, you should purchase the SLR (single-lens reflex) camera and additional modular lenses. Nowadays, it is most comfortable and profitable to use digital SLR cameras because every photographer processes pictures after taking them. Professionals also have a reserve camera, charged batteries, and a flash drive to counter equipment failure cases.

As we just mentioned, a good photographer should not only take frames but know how to process them through the graphics editor software. To make it real, you’ll need a computer and a particular skill of using the appropriate applications.

A printer is required to print photos. In case your financial capabilities do not allow you to buy a photo printer, it is possible to go in for copy center services.

Where to Work as a Photographer?

Let’s try to find out ways for a newbie photographer to earn first money and then review potential choices for an experienced professional.

Professional Passport Photo Service

It is a simple service business not requiring significant capital investments. Additionally, no unique talent or professional photography skills are needed. To start providing passport photo services, it is enough to rent a small room in a crowded place to install a PC and a printer. Also, there should be a chair for clients, a white background curtain, and two flashing lamps.

An expensive camera is not what you need for this business, too. The only function required is the possibility to see photos directly on the device’s display. That’s all. You won’t need any other equipment to make passport photos.

The described kind of business has high profitability, as the service price is 5-10 times higher than their initial cost. At the same time, you could try starting the production of photo albums, souvenirs, and posters on demand.

Photo Stock Publishing

Not many people know how much money can earn a photographer selling his or her pictures online. High-quality photos are always wanted for design journals, blogs, and different websites. Numerous photo banks exist on the Internet, where people purchase topical professional pictures they need.

Photographers knowing how to make money on their skill fill such websites with content. While you travel and take professional photos of local places of interest, funds get to your bank account. Did you want to know how to become a travel photographer? Here is your answer – register on photo stocks and sell your professional pictures there.

Holiday Photography

How to become a wedding photographer? How much do they earn?

Well, they earn quite well. But wedding photography is a very responsible business. During wedding ceremonies and celebrations, professional photographers usually have to take pictures “on the go” and to catch the most exciting moments in their lenses. When watching after the wedding photographer at work, one might notice them coming to a place several minutes before newlyweds appear.

It is practically impossible to set lighting at the wedding ceremony and celebration, so professionals have to rely on natural lights or camera flashlights. You’ll need two cameras with different lenses installed because there won’t be enough time to replace them on hot. After the wedding, grateful members of a new family might ask you to become their family photographer, too.

School Photo Business

Without a doubt, photographing at schools and kindergartens is a season-dependable but profitable enough service business. Photo albums, montages, collages, and wall calendars are typical products for such cases. Actually, it is a good business idea for a professional photographer living in a small town in 2019.

Still, we recommend analyzing the market carefully before investing funds in this business, as the level of competition is pretty high.

Professional Photographer Incomes

Your incomes mainly depend on the quality of your equipment, skills, and talents. Famous professionals may get up to 10 000 dollars for a single photo session.

No matter what your skill level is, investing a part of your income in new hardware and education. Later, such investments will let you increase your profits.

Types of Photography

After you deal with learning, define which kind of photography you want to make your feature: a visiting or a studio filming. To do a visiting business, you don’t need to rent a room, but instead, you’ll have to travel across the city and outside regions on purpose.

Studio photography gives much more possibilities to a professional and allows increasing the number of clients. Renting a room and equipping a studio is a must here.

You can also combine two types to get better earnings.

Advertising Campaign

So, you’ve bought the necessary equipment, rented the building, and here a reasonable question appears: how to become a photographer if you don’t have clients? To get first orders, you should go in for an effective marketing campaign.

Creating a company website is a good idea. Place your contact data and photo samples there, so potential clients could see what they are going to pay for at once. To get the first portfolio pictures, organize a few photo sessions for friends or relatives. Additionally, try visiting forums and be active in social media to offer your services. If you prepare well, there will be many clients online.

To Summarize

So, what do you need to become a photographer? The point is to become a professional in your business. To reach this goal, you should visit specialized seminars, use only tested equipment of high quality, and get better as an expert day after day.

With time, the number of clients and orders will start growing, and your business will turn into a stable income source. Then, consider the potential of expansion and think of opening a professional photo studio of a “full cycle”: hire photographers, share photos, and create a franchise network.

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