Artist Blends Old School With Realism To Create His Unique Tattoo Style

Imaginative tattoo artist Mat Rule is a 28-year-old French artist that currently based in Paris, France. He is a self-taught artist who practiced a lot on the traditional style then moved on with realism. He created his unique style by blending old school with realism. He prefers dark colours like black and gray for the old school part and adds some colour to finish the mash-up. In one of his interviews, he explain his tattoo designs as follows: “Basically, I started learning on my own how to do traditional tattoos for at least a year. I moved into a studio, but there wasn’t a lot of old-school, so I tried to get some black and gray tattoos and I enjoyed it a lot, that when I went back to old school I didn’t like it that much, as if something was missing from it. So I decided to try to mix both styles, but in a different way from what was already being done. ” When asked about his inspiration, he replies; “My inspiration comes mostly from tattoo artists, I love so many artists that it would be hard to pick just a few, but I would have to mention Yogi Barrett mainly, because when I started mixing the styles, he was the only one I knew that did it. Afterwards I discovered Timur Lysenko, Rafal Makarow, Mashkow, Tin Machado and many others who inspire me every day.” He wants to imprive his tattoo skills and attend the Paris and London conventions in the future. We selected some of our favourite tattoo design’s of Mat for you. Just scroll them and see them for yourself.

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