Amusing Sketch Style Tattoos and Your New Best-Loved Italian Tattoo Artist

If you’re a fan of experimental tattoo directions then sketch style tattoo is what you just need to get acquainted with. They have the sweet appearance of looking sketched and you will have an impression that there is a literal piece of art on someone’s body. There are so many tattoo artists out there that are embracing this style of tattooing and this time we’re going to present you a great example of artistic taste and successful design solutions embodied in the works of the Italian tattoo artist – Luca Testadiferro. Luca’s coming from Jesi, one of Le Marche’s loveliest and liveliest cities. His tattoo career begins five years ago when he came from the graffiti world, so the sketch style is not actually surprising. The designs of Luca Testadiferro play with the many possibilities of contemporary tattoos. He enjoys using graphics and colorful tricks, his technique of tattooing is very resembled drawing by colored markers or felt-tip pens. The combination of clear black lines with sloppy colors that fall outside the outlines limits makes the work of Luca Testadiferro unbelievable charm and appeal. Luca told Sortra that he was very lucky, cause he started his career in a good tattoo studio and got chance to understand and learn the difference between just doing the tattoo on a person and creating something unique for a person, without the doubt he decided to be that better kind of tattoo artist. He also shared with us his impressions about sketch style tattoo – “I do sketch because I really love it. It’s fun, there are no rules and you can freely create a lot of amazing and interesting stuff, a lot of little masterpieces. I like and absolutely enjoy that part.” It was hard for him to pick his favorite tattooer among the colleagues, but he told us there are a lot of tattoo artists he admires and follows their work. Talented and humble – you have to love him. Now, explore Luca’s Instagram page, find your perfect piece and in his professional portfolio, you can meet the characters of popular cartoons, pictures of animals and even everyday objects. Have fun!

Awesome New York landscape on a graffiti spray can.

The Big Lebowski


Carl Fredricksen from Disney/Pixar’s “UP”

This “Think” piece is more then that, it’s also an amazing cover up.


Extraordinary sketch portrait of Frida Kahlo.




Traveller Panda

Forrest Gump

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