Funny Cats High On Catnip

Cat crazed professional photographer Andrew Marttila already known for ‘Shop Cats of New York’, brings us yet again a new adorable feline project. This is actually a sneak-peak for his new book ‘Cats on Catnip’. Cats get completely hypnotized the moment they smell their favorite catnip. They love their green stuff and they look hilariously silly and cute while tripping the cat out of them. Oddly enough Andrew Marttila was extremely allergic to felines, but now he lives with his girlfriend and house full of little furry companions. “I have a book coming out on June 19th called ‘Cats on Catnip’ and wanted to share a few shots from it. This book was sooo much fun to make and I hope you guys enjoy a sneak peek!” Here you can buy eBook or hardcopy and also make sure to follow him on his Instagram made just for the cat lover all around the world.

By Andrew Marttila known as the cat photographer

This is a sneak-peek for his new book ‘Cats on Catnip’

Pablo Escobar

Rain on me!

It wasn’t me


Before I was a regular cat

Catnip phases

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