Why Dance is Just as Important as Math in College

Physical exercising should not be either boring nor imposing. If you as a college student have decided to improve your physical wellbeing, you should not tire yourself with routine workouts. Instead, it is worth considering enrolling in dance classes, which you may find in your university or elsewhere. You can engage in any kind of dances since they all are good to a student’s health and in the long run, could be more beneficial to you than math.

It is important to know that dancing is different from routine exercising because when involved in this activity, you are striving to learn and enjoy a physical activity that captures rather than concentrating on burning calories. Since ancient times, people have used dance in festive rituals, to express emotions and mental states. As of today, it continues to be used for physical and psychological therapy.
The advantages of dancing are innumerable. Being engaged in salsa, tango or flamenco, students get to strengthen their body and also get a huge emotional and psychological satisfaction from communicating with others. In order to enjoy this activity, it does not matter what your shape is. It is perfect even for physically inactive students.
Consider the main advantages

1. You will get strong muscles.
Any dance strengthens your muscles during the execution of repeated movements and choreographic figures. This is also a great way to give your body tone without hard exercising. You will feel stronger. For example, ballet, thanks to numerous jumps, helps strengthen the muscles of your legs whereas flamenco can improve your hips, muscles of the hands and feet. In addition, it enhances bones, shins and improves a person’s posture. Doctors say that regular classes will help to prevent or reduce bone loss, thereby preventing osteoporosis.

2. You will strengthen the most important life organ – the heart.
Like any other aerobic exercise, dancing can help reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol in the blood. Researchers have found that students that take regular classes for 30-40 minutes three to four times a week significantly improve their heart wellbeing.

3. You will become more flexible and will be able to better manage your body.
Pretty much at all classes, a warm-up and stretching are mandatory. Without much effort, simply by repeating the usual movements several times a week, you will provide yourself with excellent flexibility, mobility and improved coordination of the body. These qualities are very useful for the body and are important for the excellent well-being and cheerfulness of college students. American scientists from the University of Washington University conducted a study and proved that practicing Argentine tango improves the physical and psychological state of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

4. You will have access to an easy way to have a beautiful figure.
When dancing, just like when walking or swimming, we burn calories. Having done this activity for half an hour, you can say goodbye to 200 – 400 calories. Repeating the usual movements, you thereby help shape a beautiful figure and get rid of excess weight. Can math or other subjects give you that?

5. You will help yourself improve your state of health and cheer up.
Dancing is an amazing anti-stress means similar to such services as “coursework help from EduBirdie”, which can help make your college life so much easier. Studies also prove that social dancing helps improve well-being and stay in a good mood.
6. You can develop your mental abilities.
In addition to numerous useful physical effects, it helps develop intellectual abilities just like math does. When studying choreographic drawings, you train memory, mindfulness, coziness, and resourcefulness, as well as the ability to carry out several movements simultaneously. A study conducted by scientists from the American Physical Exercise Board found that people engaged in ballroom dances about two times a week are less likely to suffer from a psychological illness.

7. You can improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.
Dancing provides an excellent opportunity for self-expression. It helps better feel the interaction of the soul and body. When dancing, you will feel comfortable doing physical exercises. Such types as flamenco, salsa, and African dances involve the movement of all parts of the body. Having learned a new movement, sharing it in your environment, you will feel the joy and satisfaction of the work done. The habit of learning new movements and improving the already learned figures surprisingly helps raise your self-esteem and gives confidence.

In conclusion, learning how to dance makes you more attractive and slimmer, and makes your student life brighter and more saturated. The modern education provides the opportunity not only to learn to dance in this or that style but also gives the opportunity to touch its extraordinary magic. Lastly, we recommend you check out this link to read about social media & children.

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