Unique Tattoos by Bombay Floor

“I was crazy about the idea that people would bring my drawings always with them,” said, Andrea aka Bombay Foor who is an Italian tattoo artist from Cesano Maderno. He is passionate about traditional, geometric styles and color tattoos although lately enjoys more working with black ink, wide lines and rough shades done with dotwork. “I wanted to find a job that would allow me to draw all day.” With a graffiti background, he is closely tied to the culture of street art where he actually met several artists who like him later became tattoo artists. He loves to rework the initial idea of his customer to create something unique that they both would be proud of. “This job allows you to grow day by day, both from the human side and artistic”.

Geometric dog


Eye of the beholder

Stunning vision. The Aquaworld

Charming rainbow adds a magical touch

Fantastic dotwork

Those legs are always dancing

The labyrinth. Play when you’re bored.

Beautiful floral tattoo

Captivating artwork

My horn can pierce the sky

Phenomenal warm full-color tattoo

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