How to Properly Take Care of Succulents

Succulents are special types of plants that have thick leaves and thick stems to store water. The English word succulent has a Latin root. It originated from the Latin word Lucus. the meaning of which is juice. These are the types of plants that survive on low water resources and this makes them special. With all that said they also need special care.

Growth of Succulents

Succulents are special because of their ability to store water. Due to this, they best thrive in a warm and dry environment. Their ability to adapt to new surroundings makes succulent owners happy because of their low maintenance requirement.

However, some things are to be kept in mind because there are a lot of Succulent types. They are different and require different conditions to thrive. These conditions need to be kept in mind before placing or buying a plant. Some of these are stated below.

1.   Environment

You need to choose the succulent which suits your indoor environment the most. Maybe you would like to keep it in a dark corner. If that’s the case, you need to take choose succulents that don’t require much sunlight and can thrive in the dark. If you got yourself a hanging planter then trailing plants would be the best choice. They have labels on them that need to be read before buying the plant. They explain the requirements of the plant in detail such as the amount of sunlight, etc.

2.   Containers

Plant nurseries have their succulents planted in soil. This soil is very rich in moisture and when the plant is bought from there it needs to be replanted as soon as possible. Choose a container with a small drainage hole. Make sure to avoid glass containers for long-term use because they don’t let the roots breathe and plants may die over time.

3.   Sunlight

While they may have low water requirements, succulents love the light. There are different varieties of succulents and almost all of them require approximately 6 hours of sunlight a day.  Newly planted ones need to get used to sunlight, so it is done by gradually increasing the exposure to the sun. This requirement can be fulfilled by putting your container near an east or west-facing window if you have one.

4.   Movement

Succulents need to be moved from time to time. It is possible that one is always exposed to the sun and the other isn’t. This can cause problems because they lean towards the light source and the plant’s structure can change. Make sure to rotate them from time to time so both sides get the same amount of sun.

5.   Watering Procedure

Watering is an important factor for the health of the plant. When you’re watering your succulents try to make use of the fact that directly watering the soil is much better. Water the soil directly till the water runs out of the drainage hole. Direct watering or misting the plant may result in moldy leaves and brittle roots and.

6.   Choosing The Right Soil

Soil plays a pivotal role in the growth of the succulent. Succulents require soil that drains, so ordinary soil from your lawn won’t be the best choice. Cactus soil is a good choice or you can choose soil and mix it with sand. Their roots are also very fragile, so a lot of care should be taken while planting them.

7.   Pests and Dirt

Pests won’t be much of a problem because these plants are indoors. But bugs can still be a source of trouble. Succulents tend to attract gnats, especially those that are planted in soil that is too wet. This problem can be solved by spraying the soil with alcohol which doesn’t have any adverse effect on the plant. Cleanliness is also the key to healthy plant life. The dust and dirt on them can be an obstacle in their growth and needs to be cleaned from time to time. Use a soft cloth and wipe dirt off the leaves sometimes.

8.   Necessary Hydration and Fertilization

Although succulents don’t need a lot of water, they still need some. During the summer and spring seasons, the plants need more water because they’re in the growing stage. Fertilizer isn’t a requirement but you can give them small amounts of it in the growing seasons. Too much fertilizer can cause them to grow fast and be weak. Make sure to avoid that.

Succulents are aesthetic plants with low maintenance and the complete pleasure of ordinary plants. Even though their demands are not as high as normal plants they still need to be taken care of. They are special plants and special things often need special care. By following some basic guidelines a succulent thrives and grows healthy.