7 Front Door Style Ideas To Try Out This Year – Materials, Color, And Looks To Get The Perfect Entrance To Your Home

First impressions are everything, so ensure your front door is a good one both outside and inside. The same way people judge you when they first see you is how your visitors will judge you by how your front door looks. Whatever budget you are working with, there are many ideas to use to spruce up your front door.

When you walk down your street, you may notice some distinctive design revolution. Most people overlook the front door, which is an essential décor element in your home. Homeowners are replacing narrow openings with nicely proportioned doors on heavy pivot hinges. Examples like on-period exteriors, beautiful bullnose architrave, demure door furniture, and also including brass or bronze give your front door the look of a modern sculpture gallery.

You can also use deep paint hues and creative lighting to ensure that the entrance to your home is no longer a decorative afterthought but an essential part of both the feel and the look of your entire property.

These front door style ideas are an excellent starting point to inspire you to choose the right one for your home. Whichever style you choose should reflect your home’s age, the existing finishes, and your taste.

1.   Paint the door in your favorite color

Start by looking at the overall color of your entire property and whether you want the front door also to match your window frames. Try and find a shade that matches your house – you can have an intense hue, but ensure that it complements the rest of the house rather than working against it, especially the walls.

You can check and see if your surrounding walls or the porch area need some cleaning up and if it’s a dark area, consider painting it a pale color to brighten up the place.

Red exterior walls go best with charcoal or earthy tones; cream or yellow exterior hues go well with classic greens or blues. Neutral grey exteriors allow you to be even more adventurous with vibrant shades of blue and red. You can also use classic colors like gloss black, white, and navy, which match any wall and help you stay trendy.

2.   Creative lighting

Investing in some good lighting for your outside is not only welcoming but makes your house secure and well maintained for guests. Place a light on the porch for a warm glow or make a light fixture on the sidewall to highlight the doorbell.

You can choose many creative lighting options, but it greatly depends on the size of your porch area. A smaller space may need to deter unwanted visitors and illuminate your entryway, but a bigger space is ideal for entertainment and congregating.

You can choose identical lights on either side of your front door. You can also choose to put lights on the ground that beam upwards and light up the front door. Spotlights are also a great choice if you are looking for a modern look or a hanging lantern for a more classic and traditional look.

3.   Add some green plants around your front door.

Introducing some greenery to your outside area brightens up the space. Even using a simple hanging basket will make a distinctive difference. If you have a beautiful windowsill add simple planters, and if you have even more space, you can place large zinc or ceramic pots on either side of your front door, which helps frame your entryway.

4.   Choose the right front door furniture

.It’s always advisable to choose door furniture that compliments the age and style of your home. Large ornate knockers and letter plates will look odd on anything other than a similar proportioned door.

Simple contemporary designs in a classic finish such as polished nickel or brass will freshen up your doorway. Modern designs tend to be a bit simpler and based around brushed aluminum and steel finishes. For a more rustic country feel, you can use wrought iron.

It is essential to choose a style and front door finishing consistent across all your fixtures. The architrave moldings are also door fixtures that can be used to upgrade your front door’s look by adding decorative finish touches while also hiding the joint where your door and wall meet.

5.   Replace tiles or lay a pathway to the front door

A quick makeover could be all you need to make a difference to how your front door looks. You can start by making the pathway leading to your front door.

Fix the cracks, paints, and layout of beautiful tiles. You can also paint a new layer of paint if the old one looks faded and dull or if you want to change the color of the paint used earlier. Ensure you choose a color that complements your property’s exterior and that of your front door as well.

6.   Create a contemporary look

The latest folding door designs can transform your living space, bringing the outside in, lighting dark corners with natural light. French doors are a classic feature offering garden access and an abundance of natural light. Folding sliding doors with floor-to-ceiling fixtures, efficient double planes, and a range of widths on offer can let you enjoy expansive landscape views.

Sliding patio doors are also an excellent idea for they allow huge windows without the framework of blocking light. You can install the latest modern designs, so the panels slide away from the view, and you can fit them with remote controls.

7.   Paint the interior of the front door

So often overlooked, the inside of your front door inside the house is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your hallway décor. Choose a color that matches the hallway wallpaper or the flooring to create a cohesive look. Ideally, you can also match the outside of the front door, but this is not a must.

Use these style ideas to change your front door look.