A Mini Guide to Planning an Idyllic Honeymoon

A honeymoon will provide you and your new husband or wife with an opportunity to celebrate your recent nuptials while recovering from the stress and strain of planning a beautiful wedding.

A holiday overseas can, therefore, be an ideal way to get your marriage off to the best possible start. To ensure you both have a trip of a lifetime, here are some handy tips for planning an idyllic honeymoon.

Don’t Jet Off Straight After Your Wedding
While newlyweds might be happy to jet off on honeymoon immediately after their wedding in the movies, this could be a big mistake. While your wedding will be the best day of your life, it can also be both tiring and stressful.
Give yourself time to recover from your big day before focusing on the stress of packing, checking into airport security, and embarking on a long, tiring flight to your destination.

Pick a Destination Together
While your other half might have been more than happy for you to plan your wedding day, you must make all honeymoon decisions together. For example, if you and your partner are opposites, it’s likely you will have different ideas for a honeymoon destination.

That’s why it’s essential to discuss what you each want to experience during your romantic getaway, so you can find a destination that complements both your needs.

For example, if you’re dreaming of good food, sunshine and beautiful scenery, but your partner wants to explore various historic landmarks during your honeymoon, you’re bound to find an ideal spot for you both when browsing holidays in Italy.

Sneak in Some Surprises
It’s likely you will want your honeymoon to be full of fun surprises each day, which will ensure you and your spouse have a memorable time. If you want to give your new husband or wife a big reason to smile during your adventure, aim to sneak in a few surprises during a trip.

For instance, you could plan an unexpected activity they’ll love, such as:
* A bungee jump
* Helicopter ride
* Scuba diving
* Paragliding
You also could present him or her with a gift or two during your break away, which will make them feel lucky that you said: “I do.”

Avoid Peak Periods
If possible, try to book your honeymoon during the off-season to beat the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed, romantic experience. Otherwise, you might need to force your way through a herd of tourists at your destination, or you may struggle with lengthy queues. You also can avoid screaming children and noisy guests in a hotel by checking into a private, luxury villa.

Embrace the Small Moments
While you both might be filled with a million and one ideas about the attractions you want to visit and the activities you want to try, you must avoid overstuffing your honeymoon itinerary.

While excursions and watersports can be fun, sometimes there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious breakfast or dinner while staring out at a beautiful view, so slow down and embrace the small moments together.

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