Amazing Cake Art by Eugene Kostyuchenko

Young talent Eugene Kostyuchenko is based in Moscow, Russia and he has been into pastry artfor 4 years. He started working at a candy store then founded his own cake shop, currently he works for himself and extremely happy with it as he is among the happy minority who do the work they love. When we ask about some information about him and his artwork he kindly replied like this “I create masterpieces and make a holiday for people, I teach master classes in Russian cities and countries. Everything around inspires me and suddenly something comes to mind, more often pinterest pushes ideas. My cakes are covered with mastic and I paint with watercolors, food dyes, for decorating, I mostly use wafer paper, isomalt and there is also a bas-relief technique, pattern overlayed on mastic and painted with watercolor.” Now, feast your eyes with his incredible cake art and remember to share his amazing work with your friends.

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