Insanely Realistic Embroidery Patch Tattoos – Pop Culture Themed by Duda Lozano

“I was not the first to create the embroidery, but I was the first to create the embroidered patch using old cartoons, and using some new techniques,” tattooist Eduardo ’Duda’ Lozano explained in an interview for Sortra. In the search for something unique, to differentiate his work from other tattoo artists, Duda Lozano found embroidered patch style. “I learned by observing real patches and adding broken strands.” Using realism technique to create such believable pieces artist does not consider embroidered patch tattoos as a new separate technique. “My inspiration has always been art and I have always loved cartoons (Hanna Barbera, Disney, Monica’s Class) and today I can mix everything I love. Being a tattooist means everything to me, everything I have everything I’ll do from now on is tattooing. For the future, I have several ideas that I’ll be putting into practice soon. My goal will always be to seek to innovate or improve other techniques. My wishes have always been to give everything that my family needs and to travel around the world. And this is taking place.”
Sao Paolo-based tattooist is currently working at the ‘Tattoo You studio.’ You can check more of his ingenious work here on his Instagram and Facebook.

By Eduardo ‘Duda’ Lozano from Sao Paolo, Brazil

I honestly thought that was a real beer cap on the top of the tattoo

“I was the first to create the embroidered patch using old cartoons, and using some new techniques.”

Courage was the second ever created embroidery patch piece by Lozano

The first one ever was Garfield, which was just an expirement

Lozano started doing this style just 3 months ago and now he’s a global phenomenon

“My passion – colorful realism tattoo and comics.”

“I always try to guide the clients which is the best option for tattooing.”

Once again thank you very much, Mr. Lozano, for a very pleasant interview. Best of luck in the future!

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