Tips to Set Up and Decorate Your New House On a Budget


Moving into a new abode is always exciting. You find a dream house and you plan to set it up to the way you have fantasized a dwelling for years. It is an enthralling experience to decorate every nook and corner of your house, from wallpapers to the floors to furnishings and drapery according to your taste, so that you have your own cozy little living space just the way you like. However, with all the excitement, comes the nerve-wracking task of moving in from your old house? Going through an emotional roller coaster triggered by the thought of leaving a place where you created some great memories, the stress of packing up the entire house and transporting it your new place carefully and the tiring process of unpacking a resettling along with the financial pressures take a toll on you mentally.

The key is to plan everything smartly so that you can strike a balance between your stress and excitement and can enjoy the entire process rather than exhausting yourself and your pocket. Here are a few tips on how you can pull that off with ease.


Plan in Advance

The very first step to a successful and economical move is to plan as early as you can. There are unimaginable benefits that you can reap from advance planning. This planning should cover both, your winding up the process from your old place, and your move to the place. First, study your new living space and make layouts of you would want to decorate it. Make a list of all that you need to get done. Get all your wall paints, wood works, drapery’s floorings and other such fixtures and fittings done before your move in, so that you can get rid of that stress once you are there.

Make a list of all things that you need to buy, or bring in from your old place such as lampshades, shelves, decoration pieces, etc. Other than that research and take quotes from any other professional services such as wall painters or movers that you might want to hire. One advantage of advance planning is also that you can avail early bird discounts or discounts from sales and promotions and bring down your costs.

Go Minimalistic

The mantra of contemporary design is “less is more,” That means you do not need to place a large wall hanging or over-the-top frames or curtains on every wall that you find. Keep your space light, bright and breathable and let lots of natural sunlight and plants dominate your house. Minimalistic décor also means you can leave behind quite a few things when packing up.

Hire Assistance

Many people are reluctant to hire professional service providers such as moving companies because they feel it is an unnecessary cost. As a result, they resort to hiring freelance labor and van providers, which often results in damages and theft. Professional movers such as Royal Moving Company, not only offer you a cost-effective way of safe and secure moving but also takes off quite a lot of hassle and stress from your end.

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