Award Winning UK and Destination Wedding Photography

Whenever you hear someone mentioning ‘the big day’ you know what they’re talking about. Whether it’s small and intimate or large and lavish, your wedding day is the big day. For the wedding, you’ve got the venue picked, the menu and centerpieces, invitations ready, and a friend volunteering to take the pictures, because that friend likes to dabble in photography. That’s when we’ll have to stop you. You may think hiring a professional photographer is an extra expense you can’t afford, but actually not hiring one is a mistake you can’t afford, for a day that only happens once in your lifetime. We’ll tell you some very powerful reasons why you shouldn’t ditch having a professional photographer on your wedding day.

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Quality photographs

Documenting an entire day through pictures is more than just using expensive cameras. The camera is just a tool, but quality shots come out because of knowing how to use the tool to its full advantage. When there is a professional photographer involved, don’t expect the same old run of the mill wedding photographs. Expect photos unique to you. While professional photography is a job, it’s also an art. Rarely does a professional view their work just as a job, so the outcome will be much higher than your expectations.

Destination wedding

It’s a long lasting trend to have a wedding in a location other than the one you live in. That destination wedding could be actually anywhere in the world, making it a thrilling wedding day, but also one that needs some logistics to pull it off. It’s a safe assumption to say that you’re reading this because you’re having a destination wedding venue in mind or because you’re looking for a photographer within the UK area, and you couldn’t have landed on a better page. This particular award winning destination and london wedding photographer is the winner of the UK Photographer of the Year 2019 (TWIA), and at least 6 other photography awards within the UK and on an international level. This includes being listed as one of the top 150 wedding photographers in the world via the SRL Lounge, so you know you are in expert hands. Why not get online now and view some award winning photos of weddings in Spain, France, and Italy?  If your mind is set on something more exotic, you’ll find an exceptional gallery of weddings in Asia; namely, Singapore and Malaysia. Couples get married in all sorts of ways; underwater, parachuting, during safaris, on beaches and mountains, in deserts and whichever venue you can imagine, and you want that pro photographer is with you every step of the way to capture the most stunning set of photos.

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UK based destination weddings

The UK is one of the most beautiful and photogenic countries in the world, which is why hundreds of couples choose it for their wedding venue. Some of the best wedding destinations within the UK are:


  • London – There are no lack of choices for the perfect venue in London. Chelsea Town Hall, St Pancras Renaissance, Bevis Marks Synagogue, The Swan, Loft Studios, Kensington Roof Gardens, The Royal Horseguards Hotel, Gibson Hall, are but a few of the splendid choices.
  • Manchester – Manchester Museum, Manchester Town Hall and The Lowry Theatre are some of the city’s best and most popular wedding spots.
  • Cheshire – Cheshire is home to some gorgeous spots like: The 19th century Thornton Manor, and Combermere Abbey, a 900-year-old estate.

You’re not just paying for a photography, but rather paying for art and passion. There are artists with a passion and this is what is worth the extra expense. No matter how cliché it sounds, a photographer is telling a story; your story. With every shot, they are always trying to think of new ways to tell your story because a lot goes into the composition of a photograph.


When searching for a wedding photographer, take a good look at their portfolio and see if you like what they got. Do they have the style you like? Do their pictures speak out to you? Meet with them, and if their enthusiasm feeds into you, then you probably got the photographer you want. At the end of the day, after everyone leaves you’ll only have memories and photos to keep that day alive, and if lucky, a leftover slice of the cake.