Seven Cricketers Known for Their Fashion Sense

Famous cricketers have become as popular recently as footballers and basketball players. People look out to them and see them as idols with a powerful success story. Such cricketers as Steve Smith and Virat Kohli often become figures in media. That is why many sportsmen pay attention to their looks: the whole world watches them every day. In this article, we will determine who has the best sense of fashion among popular cricketers.

1.   Virat Kohli

The captain of the Indian team is not only known for his impeccable performance as a batsman, but also for his fashion sense. According to the article on SportsAdda about cricket and star athletes, he began paying closer attention to his clothes after meeting his wife, Anushka Sharma who is a famous Indian movie star. His style is elegant and rebellious. His shoot at the yacht proves that. Virat Kohli is wearing a white blazer with camel pants. To complete the look, Indian batsman often wear glasses.

2.   Mitchell Johnson

Another example of a person who possesses a great inner sense of fashion is an Australian bowler, Mitchell Johnson. He is famous for his casual looks. He even manages to make a blue shirt over the black T-shirt look stylish and sexy. His numerous tattoos on arms also highlight his masculinity.

3.   James Anderson

When it comes to fashion and looks, not everything is about clothes. Although they are an important component, people also pay attention to the general vibe. In the case of James Anderson, an English bowler, it is all about the haircut. In everyday life, a cricket prefers to wear jeans and T-shirts with interesting prints on them.

4.   MS Dhoni

Mahendra Dhoni is one of the most handsome cricketers out there. Even with age, he becomes sexier. It is the confidence that does the trick: clothes just emphasize what is already there. Dhoni prefers to wear classic and elegant clothes: straight blue or black pants with slim shirts. He also adds accessories like a watch to make the look pop. Another part of his charm is that bright and honest smile he wears all the time.

5.   Shahid Afridi

This talented all-rounder is known for his unique sense of style. Shahid pays close attention to the clothes he wears. He manages to combine the Indian national motives in fashion with western style. One of his signature looks is a camel blazer with golden buttons. To balance the look, Shahid worn neural black pants. He is also a big fan of expensive jewelry. He likes to wear watches and golden rings.

6.   Brendon McCullum

Another example of a cricketer with a great sense of fashion that is both charming and unconventional is Brendon McCullum. He has numerous tattoos all over his body. Nevertheless, in real life, he prefers wearing elegant suits. For example, he is known for this black-velvet suit look. Brendon always looks polished: all his clothes are always clean and perfectly ironed.

7.   Chris Gayle

Chris is considered one of the best modern cricketers. He is known for his big personality: he is often very charming and smiling to everybody. All this you can also observe in his fashion sense. He loves to wear bright clothes and make an unexpected combination. His Hawaiian shirts and white shorts have become as legendary as his cricket skills. As for the accessories, Chris Gayle loves wearing massive golden chains and rings.

To conclude, there is no single approach to fashion. The example of famous cricketers shows that confidence and balance are what’s most important. Clothes and accessories should only highlight your personality.


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