X-Mas Pups Spreading Hilarious Mayhem on Photoshoot by Rhiannon Buckle

Christmas Spirit will catch on to you if it’s not already, with these festive photos of dogs by Rhiannon Buckle. She’s a Professional Pet Photographer based in Bristol, UK. Rhiannon aims to capture cute and unique personalities of animals, furry, scaly and everything in between. This time it’s Christmas time! And as she shares the pups feel it too. Top dog models were invited to her studio and acted as Santa imposters and gingerbread thieves, spreading hilarious mayhem while being immortalized in these epic shots. “The dogs brought out their personalities, and you can see how they feel about Christmas, too. Dogs are such a precious part of our lives, and what’s a better gift than our favorite pets’ love. I hope these images will get you into the Christmas Spirit!”
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He’s waiting for a kiss

Gingerbread Thief!

This is his time of the year

Pups are the best Christmas present you could get

Oh no, it’s happening again!

Still waiting for a kiss

She’s so magical

Via [boredpanda]

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