How to Make Your Cabin in the Woods Feel Like a Home


You’ve finally bought that little cabin out away from the hustle and bustle of your city life. It is quiet, surrounded by nature and with the perfect photo just about everywhere you look.

It should feel like it’s away, but you also want it to feel like a home away from home. You aren’t there to rough it, after all. It just needs to be a quiet and reflective space.

The trick is to make it homey and comfortable but still feel like it is not just an extension of your house.

In this article, I will go over some ways to make your cabin in the woods feel like a home.

1 – The bedroom

Whether you have an actual bedroom, or an area within the open concept where you plan to sleep, this is the place to make as cosy as possible.

All that fresh air will have you sleeping like a baby, but it also helps to have the right bed and bedding to seal the deal.

Use the space you have well and get the most comfortable mattress you can. The same kind you would want in your own home. Something like the Split King bed by Ghostbed will have you sleep away any aches you may have encountered when you were out splitting wood all day.

If you have a loft, then that is a good place to get creative. You can turn that small space into a sort of nest that is always calling you to sleep.

2 – Lots of natural light

Make sure that if you haven’t already built your cabin, or you are still in the market that you go for one with lots of windows. The more light you get in there the cozier it will feel. And if you plan to use it in the winter, then you want to maximize the time you have sunlight.

At night, when the moon is out, it will also add to a very cosy atmosphere when the cabin fills with its soft light.

3 – Modern kitchen

Even if you are off grid, you can still have a modern kitchen. Of course, decorating it in a country, rustic style is fine. What I mean is that you want to cook on a modern range. Putting a meal together over a fire is fun the first few times, but it takes time and you’re creativity is limited.

Instead, find the best range you can put out there so cooking is fun and easy. You can get as creative in the kitchen just as you would back home.

4 – Big bathtub

If you have the space, then the bathroom should have a big bathtub. When you are out hiking around your site all day, then you’ll need a good, long soak when you get back home.

Whether it is a claw foot, vintage tub or a spa with jets, you’ll love spending time in your cabin and not feel like roughing it ever again.

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