Why It’s Great to Live in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Image Source: Pixabay

Living in Florida isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. If you choose poorly in where you live, you can find yourself in the middle of a tourist trap or a Podunk town without much going for it. Like many things in life, it’s all up to location, location, location. This is why doing your due diligence before blindly believing what a brochure or real estate agent tells you will be essential, if you intend on making the most out of your move.

So, let’s focus on one of Florida’s more beloved places to live in – Palm Beach Gardens. The name itself gives off an air of a relaxed, sunny disposition common to most parts of the Florida Panhandle. The total population is 51,000 residents, and while it’s considered to be a suburb of Miami, the city proper is nearly 80 miles away. What’s unique about Palm Beach Gardens is that 70% of people own their homes in the area, while the rest rent. People in the area are looking to settle down on the coast, and seek out the help of companies like Echo Fine Properties to make their dreams a reality.

There’s more to PBG than the real estate, though. One of its main selling points is just how close it is to the coast. It’s inland in general, but you can still smell the fresh ocean air from downtown. Speaking of their downtown, there’s always so much going on that it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be able to take it all in. There’s a myriad of concerts and entertainment events going on at any given time to satisfy the needs of vacationers and residents alike. Affordable standard diner fare is available on every corner, and each street has its own opportunities for boutique and exotic dining choices. Despite the bustling nightlife scene, the locals make sure to keep order in the downtown core, and things like wanton rowdiness and recklessness are strongly discouraged.

Should you be curious as to what actually living there is like, the traffic used to be quite low, but is now steadily climbing with the increase in residents and tourists. The traffic level is still tolerable, but not as peaceful as it once was. The public school systems are well-rated. While they aren’t among the top in the state, they are above satisfactory as far as overall education level is concerned. It’s for this reason that the town is considered to be very family-friendly, as well as a safe place for children to grow up and learn about the world.

The straight dope on Palm Beach Gardens is that in many ways, it’s like any suburban town with beautiful houses arranged side by side for quite some distance. Where Palm Beach Gardens differentiates itself is the vibrant community life where nearly anyone can integrate with a subculture, and forge meaningful relationships to last a lifetime. If you’re tired of Americans not even knowing their neighbours and want a return to old-world America, maybe Palm Beach Gardens should be the next place for you.

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