Why Adopting a Cat Can be Emotionally Helpful to You

There are countless reasons as to why anyone yearns for animal companionship; whether it’s because you enjoy having a pet or you need it to create bonds, you can’t deny that there’s an animal lover in us all. Nowadays, many people get pets, especially cats, for emotional support, and it makes all the difference to their mental health.

Studies have shown that people who own either a cat or a dog are happier and are able to manage their emotions better. Having a cat, specifically, can become emotionally beneficial to you. Many therapists would recommend getting a cat for those suffering from certain mental health issues; however, it’s best to educate yourself about cat care before you bring a cute little fuzzball into your home. Cat care advice offered at Feline Living will guide you on what to expect when taking care of a cat and what first-time cat owners should be aware of. Taking care of a cat is a commitment; luckily, cats are more low-maintenance than dogs, and you’ll find this out from your research, asking fellow cat owners, and your experience later on. Once you’re ready, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of owning a cat and watch how it can influence your emotional health.

We delve deeper into this theory and have gathered the reasons that will show you how adopting your own can be emotionally helpful and beneficial to you:

Cats Are Great Companions

A common misconception is that dogs are the only pets perfect for companionship; on the contrary, studies have shown that cats, too, are great at keeping you company and diminishing any lonely feelings you have, sometimes their influence is even similar to establishing a relationship with a significant other. Having a cat can give you a chance to bond and establish a relationship with it; this friendship creates a positive atmosphere in your home and enhances your mental health. Many cat owners talk to their cats, and they believe they understand what they mean. This form of conversation will enhance the bond you both have.

Cats Help You Fight Depression

Studies have shown that cats are able to help people with depression manage it better than people without a cat. Activities with your cat, snuggling, or any bonding time can help relieve some depression symptoms like feelings of worthlessness and loneliness. Cats can offer you love, companionship, and are incredibly comforting. Depression can sometimes leave you anti-social, and unable to deal with anyone. But having a cat will make you connect with another creature socially, thus encouraging you to connect with others as well. You’ll create a network and socialize with other cat owners if you have any questions or concerns. So, when you think about it, having a cat might actually force you to be social, which is exactly what depression needs.

Cats Give You A Sense Of Purpose

Knowing you’ll come home to your cat can also give you a sense of purpose in your life and fight loneliness. Establishing the routine of cat care, feeding, and buying or doing anything they need will fill any emotional gap you have. If you’re suffering from any mental health issues, the commitment can be kind of a burden. However, with cats, you’ll find that taking care of them is easier than you think, and the little things you do here and there creates a routine for you, and you’ll have a goal in mind. The predictability of their feeding and sleeping times can create a calm schedule, unlike the chaotic day you normally have with work or chores or anything else.

Cats Help You Cope

Cats are often recommended for anyone who’s grieving the loss of a significant loved one in their lives. Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone to face alone, which is why cats are able to help you cope. Certain studies have shown that cats helped their owners grieve better through time and show less physical pain symptoms such as crying. Some cat owners who were also grieving have claimed that talking to their cat has helped them make sense of their emotions, since it was easier to talk to a companion that won’t respond back or judge as other people would do.  Cats are able to sense when their owners are sad or distressed. They’re able to show you kindness and intimacy the same you do, and they know that you need this comfort and they’re able to provide it until they deem you’re fine.

Cats Are Great for Cuddling

Humans like to feel connected, and the only way they do that is through the power of touch and intimacy. Pets, especially cats, can also help in that area. Gentle rubbing, cuddling, allowing your cat to sleep on your lap, kneading, head rubs, and any other physical contact can warm anyone’s heart. This contact is ideal for emotional healing, creating a positive vibe, as well as being a great mood-booster. Physically bonding means you’re releasing oxytocin in your brain, thus feeling much better. So, spending some cuddle time with your cat at the end of each hectic day has therapeutic powers beyond belief.

Cats Are Major Stress-Relievers

Cats are known to have the ability to calm us down and soothe us. They’re basically adorable little stress-relievers in whatever they do. The fact that you can sit for hours playing with your cat, cuddling, or just giving them a gentle rub can reduce your stress hormones, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and reduce any anxiety you have. Cats are often recommended to have as pets for anyone suffering from severe anxiety because of their soothing effects, especially their purring. Many studies believe that listening to a cat’s purring can help calm you down, de-stress, and heal you emotionally.

Animals can be connected to humans more than anyone else can. Many cat owners love how cute they are with their little whiskers, paws, and fuzzy faces. But a cat’s appeal is more than cuddling and purring; cats have the ability to enhance your mood, decrease stress, and offer great companionship.


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