How to Write an Effective Essay?

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Probably, one of the most hateful tasks while studying in school or university is writing essays. Seems like all students hate it. However, writing an effective essay is not a talent but rather a skill. You can learn how to write consistently spending very little time on each topic if you care enough to develop your skills in effective writing.

Tips on How to Make Your Essay Work

The first stage of writing an essay depends on whether you have an assigned topic or you have to make it up yourself. More often than not, students are assigned a topic or get the main idea they have to prove or argue from their tutors. If it hasn’t been assigned – create it yourself. In this case, the key to effective writing is choosing a subject you find interesting. Some may argue that there are no interesting matters in some areas of study but you can always find something a tiny bit exciting. And when you have a topic you are into, it gets much easier to look for information for the essay. Here are some tips to facilitate the process:

  • First of all, you should start with a scheme or a plot for the future essay. Think of a logical way to discuss a certain subject. CNN suggests you start with a bullet point list. You can begin with a definition of the subject, then add its kinds or types, advantages and disadvantages, throw in your opinion and a summary, and the essay is almost ready! If you want to go even further – write down some words connected to each part of the plan just to give you an idea of what to look for;
  • The second tip is a bit controversial, and many might disagree with it. Sometimes, it’s more effective to write in random order instead of sticking to a standard one. The standard order includes an introduction, where you familiarize the reader with a subject; body, which is the main part where all the significant information is presented, and a summary where you connect all of the parts together and make a conclusion. However, some people find it easier to start writing from the part of the plan they know best. In this way, you have an easy start, and by the time you get to the next point you might even acquire the taste for writing this essay;
  • The last tip touches upon searching for the information. When you’re researching some data for your essay, don’t look for facts – look for ideas. When you find something interesting you can add to your essay – write it down. Maybe, you will have other ideas arising from this one – write them down too. In that spirit, you’ll have quite a few excerpts, which you can then turn into an essay by simply adding an introduction and a summary.

Bonus Tip

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These services are a real help for students in cases when:

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