What Your Choice of Watch Brand Says About You

Watches are one of those rare items that can be both incredibly gorgeous and highly practical, which definitely can’t be said of all fashion accessories! Coming in countless designs, colors, and materials, watches are a brilliant way to complete an outfit and add a bit of flair to your style, but more importantly, we hope they keep you on time as well!

So, what can you tell about someone based on the type of fashionable watch brand they wear? There are so many companies producing stunning watches nowadays, that everyone is really spoiled for choice, but the brand you pick still says a lot about you.


You appreciate minimalism and really believe that less is more when it comes to your life, including the way you dress, the food you eat, and how you decorate your home. You care not for all the bells and whistles of a product, but rather how it complements your outfit and gives you a sense of style. Skagen is all about class and simplicity.


You like the road less traveled and prefer to go somewhere unknown, yet still find something beautiful. You don’t like going for big brands but like to shop around the find something that suits you. You care more about the outfit than the label! Panerai is not the big Swiss watchmaking brand like Rolex or TAG Heuer, but this Italian company knows how to make a watch stand out and look great.


You’re all about vintage and old school! Modern brands mean nothing to you, so you look to the past for your style inspiration. Besides, they knew how to make things last back in the day, so why not take advantage of that and eschew all the Primark and H&M fast fashion? Timex has been around since 1854, so the company well and truly knows a thing or two about classic watchmaking and creating designs that are evergreen.

Olivia Burton

Go big or go home! When you dress for the day, you aim to be seen and remembered! You want bright nails and makeup with no half measures, as well as colorful, bold designs – you also think a black monochrome outfit is dull! After all, what’s the point of dressing up if no one talks about what you’re wearing? Olivia Burton watches have eye-catching designs, ranging from floral to animal print to everything in between. You’re going to make a statement with an OB watch.

Apple Watch

You love to keep up with the trends of today and always know about the latest thing, whether it be an app, a new accessory, or even celebrity gossip. Your style is very neat, tidy, and measured, perhaps even tailor-made. You like your life to be in order and know where everything is at all times. With the Apple Watch’s fitness tracking features, you’re probably a fitness freak too and love to spend hours toning your muscles and getting in shape.


You love a good bargain! You could spend all day in thrift shops and hunting down great deals on eBay! You hate impulse buys and for you, spending $100 on a new blouse is unthinkable when you can look around and find the same one on sale somewhere else! Swatch watches are notoriously cheap but are still made to last and have amazing designs, which suits you perfectly.

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