If Marilyn Monroe had Instagram Her Photos would be Something Like These Portraits

Have you ever wondered how would legendary Merilyn Monroe fit in our modern age. Well, a young photographer Daniel Sachon asked himself this question. In order to give an answer to this interesting question, he photographed an English model named Suzie Kennedy, who looks freakishly like Marilyn Monroe. Through his project ‘Disruptive Innovation’, you can see the legendary actress drinking some Starbucks coffee or looking into her iPhone, basically, what every female celebrity is doing nowadays on the streets.  “I am looking at where Marilyn would be today, in a world where fame is more transient than ever and the relationship between brands and celebrity is stronger than ever before”, said Daniel. One thing is certain, if Marilyn was living in our age, she would love Instagram.

The famous Starbucks coffee cup.


Having an iPhone is a priority.


Loving the brand.


Vintage Monroe.

via (designyoutrust)
via (designyoutrust)

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