What Are The Housing Options Available For You In Berlin?

Are you moving to Berlin, Germany and looking for a place to stay? Or are you just tired of where you’re currently living and are planning to move to a new place? Finding a house in Berlin can be a daunting task that can take weeks before you get a perfect place for you.

In this post, I’ll show you the most common housing options in Berlin. Ultimately the option you choose will depend on your personal preference and budget.

Unfurnished flats

In most cases flats in Berlin will come entirely empty. That means there will be no carpets, light fittings, fridges, cooking stoves or any other appliances. It will be entirely up to you to furnish the property to your liking. Most long term rentals, those that are over 12 months, are unfurnished.

Furnished Flats

Furnished flats are popular among people looking for short term stays like holidaymakers and employees with short work contracts. These could be rented for a few weeks or a couple of months. These properties have everything in place from TV’s, beds, a cooker, fridge, curtains, etc. Renting a furnished apartment is more expensive than unfurnished property and getting one is also difficult because furnished apartments don’t last on the market. They are quickly picked up.

Flat Sharespi

If your budget is limited then flat share commonly referred to as Wohnungsgemeinschaft in German or, simply, WG would work best for you. Flat share offers a cheaper option for accommodation in Berlin. In this option, you basically share an apartment with a group of people. This could be your friends, work colleagues or even people who are new to you. The rent and utility bills are shared in this living arrangement.

Flat share is popular among students because for them getting their own apartment is very expensive. It, therefore, gives them the best option for renting a room in Berlin. To get into a flat share agreement you can begin by reaching out to your contacts or friends asking them if you can get a place together or work out an arrangement for you to move into their flat. You can also join Facebook groups which help people find roommates in Berlin. Some of the groups you can join include:

● WG-Zimmer & Wohnungen Berlin
● Apartments/roommates in Berlin
● WG Zimmer Wohnung in Berlin
● WG, Zimmer und Wohnung in Berlin
● Berlin Apartments
● Flats in Berlin ONLY LONG TERM
● Berlin LONG TERM rooms/flats

Whichever option you choose for accommodation, furnished, unfurnished or flat share you will be required to provide some documentation. This will usually include

● A German credit report.
● Copies of your ID, passport, visas or resident permits.
● Your income statement.
● A certificate given by your previous landlord confirming you have no rent arrears.

If you’re moving to Germany you may not have some of the required documents such as a German credit report or the certificate from a previous landlord. Don’t worry about that.

You can ask your employer to provide you with a letter of recommendation to give to the property manager. In the letter, they should explain why you don’t have some of the documents and vouch for your trustworthiness and ability to pay rent agreed upon.

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