Tiny Amigurumi Art by Katsutoshi Tsunoda

Have you ever heard of Amigurumi? No? Well, it is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn animals or dolls. Japanese crafter Katsutoshi Tsunoda takes this knitting art to another level and knits super cute miniature crochet animals. We have seen some examples of crocheting tiny figurines but this time we are really amazed by this work as they are almost microscopic and seems impossible to be crafted. Katsutoshi knits these cuties so diligently with such thin threads like a spider builds its web. He sometimes creates settings for these little animals and make photo stories with them. He even had a silent stop-motion animation which tells a short story of hat chasing piggy. Take a look across our gallery and you’ll see what we mean and remember to share his artwork with your friends.

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